Elaine Penwell - Paper Cut Time Lapse.

An epic short time lapse of artist Elaine Penwell making one of her beautiful paper cut pieces.  You can also see some photos of her at work below:

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DA User: Veramundis

Veramundis has some of the best lighting techniques i’ve never seen in the furry fandom. YOU BEST BET THEY REFERENCE. 



holy fuck.. i’m just going to walk away and not compare my inferior skills to these amazing pieces.___.

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 Bizarrely Beautiful  sculpture by Megan E Craddock


deerly beloved
salfired paperclay - 2012

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An artist in collaboration with a MIT researcher has created a series of sandcastles etched onto individual grains of sand.




I actually believe artists and scientists think very similarly. Complex, abstract thought? They both have that down. It’s all about where that thinking takes you after that.

Words cannot describe how much I love this post.

I hate that the two are talked about as oppositional things.  Science and art are bros, to the point where the debate still rages about which preceded the other.  We don’t fight, we’re not enemies, we need each other.  Ask an artist what they focus on, anatomy, light, color, depth.  Do you know what that really is?  Biology, theories of visual perception, and physics.  The number of artistic movements that were literally started because of a new scientific discovery is staggering.  Hell, to gain legitimacy, early photographers did their utmost to appear to be artists, because they knew otherwise, photography would just be viewed as an illegitimate gimmick.

I cannot tell you how much I despise this idea that science and art are at oppositional ends of the spectrum.  You can not have art without the tools made by science (stylus, paper, ink, paint, video, anything), and you cannot have science without the explanations granted by art (written word, illustrations, diagrams, charts, anatomical models, medical comics).  I literally once had someone tell me a video game could never be art because it involved science…well guess what, so did DaVinci’s works, so did the Impressionists, so did every artist ever.  Even when you break it down to pure, raw abstraction, composition is simply math.

Science is art, art is science.  Stop acting like one is pure intellect and the other pure emotion.  Its an absurd binary, and frankly, it does not really exist.

As an artist i can say.. that i fully agree, the two mesh together so very well, i mean, building a visual library in your mind is important to becoming a better artist so you need to see things for what they are and how they work so that next time you sit down it to work on a piece you have that new eye for things..

Although i can not really say i’ve run into many people who so blatantly made a distinction between the two or acted like a scientist can’t be an artist or an artist can’t be a scientist so maybe im blissfully ignorant in this, but i’d rather like to think i pick good friends:P

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Spongebob series.

By Nick Nazzaro

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Artist & Sculptor:

Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

"空的時刻 勿忘死亡"

H122 cm x W27 cm x D23 cm



Sculpting always fascinates me…


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Bearded Dragon with cardboard by cardboard artist 鍾凱翔 Zhongkai Xiang

what the flippy flap!? show me your secrets=3=

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