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Shout outs to all my artist buddies who deal with this noise.

I feel this deeply

The muffled screams.. the feel of absolute terror, i am glad i haven’t gotten someone like this before xD

(via iguanamouth)


Anonymous asked: Draw someone that you could truly talk to about pretty much anything.


Anonymous asked: i herd darth vadar liked windsaling. do you like windsaling.

not all Sith like the same things, bro:P


Anonymous asked: Show me an insect monster wearing human skin!

alrighty, mr. demanding>o> here is a polite bug, modeling some human wear^-^

this reminds my of an older film about a family that turned out to be bug people and.. i can not think of the name, it’s driving me banaynays.__.


Anonymous asked: what sounds does yer butt maek!

if you can imagine what it would be like to be in a large wind tunnel with a whale that’s just been harpooned several times and is now crying in pain and agony you would be no where close to what sounds my butt makes..

my butt makes the best noize homie, cause i taught it to beatbox!BD

thank you for the question and have a nice rest of the what ever time it is where you are, mister anon:D