I already liked Old Economy Steve. So, it was only natural I’d like the Scumbag Baby Boomer meme as well.

I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry.

the truth, it burns

Ahh, Baby Boomers, my least favorite generation of assholes.


The impatient ones are definitely relevant to my situation:/

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Seeing people the same age as you doing awesome things with their lifeimage

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you just need to go outside more"
“you just need to get a job”
“you just need to get your teeth fixed”
“you just need to stop thinking so much
— … and you just need to do something about it or shut the fuck up!! because all you’re doing is reminding me that i am a continuous failure who doesn’t even have the fucking guts to kill my self, you think i like being fucking reminded time and time again that i just need to do something!? THAT IT’S SO FUCKING EASY TO JUST DO IT! THEN WHY HAVEN’T I FUCKING DONE IT YOU KNOW IT ALL PIECES OF SHIT!?!?

Sorry.. i just needed to get that out of the way-_



We tend to drown ourselves with things to distract. From sorrows. Never healing but continuously drowning. I’ve learned that people value friendship differently. Also people do in fact use you to their own disposal. I learned people don’t genuinely understand you but some people try.
I wanted to express how draining it feels to have to keep running and pretend, get stuck and potentially drown in your own self worth and still disappear without being fully understood.

…This film is depicted in sugar coated form, but ends in consequence…

This is S L E E P


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RIP Robert William “Bob” Hoskins, Jr. (26 October 1942 - 30 April 2014)

so sad,__,

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